October Tasting Calendar

Stop on by The Wine and Liquor Outlet to sample various wines and liquors, and perhaps buy a bottle too!

Fri Oct 4th

3-6pm Old Soul Zinfandel, OZV Red Blend, Lodi Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, Blazon Chardonnay

Sat Oct 5th

4-7pm On The Rocks Ready to Drink Aviation, Margarita, & Old Fashioned

Fri Oct 11th

4-7pm San Pedro Gato Negro Chardonnay & Cabernet/Merlot: Mouton Cadet Red, Blue Nun Riesling
4-7pm Black Button Distillery (NY State) 4 Grain Bourbon, American Dry Gin, Citrus Forward Gin, Bourbon Cream, Apple Pie Moonshine

Sat Oct 12th

1-4pm Maker's Mark Bourbon, Jim Beam Peach, Knob Creek 100* Bourbon
1-4pm Alasia Moscato D'Asti, Ch. De Lisennes Bordeaux, Gerbera Macebeo, Gerbera Dry Rose, Los Manteros Cava Brut, Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey
4-7pm Stella Rosa Moscato D' Asti & Peach

Fri Oct 18th

1-4pm Brotherhood Winery (NY State)
4-7pm Skyy Vodka (Citrus, Blueberry, Orange)
4-7pm Frescobaldi & Danzante Wine

Sat Oct 19th

1-4pm Knapp Pasta Red, Loganberry, Unoaked Cabernet Franc; Glenora Lake Series Riesling, Jammin' Red, Pineapple
4-7pm A surprise selection of wine.
4-7pm Niagara Landing Winery(Niagara County)

Fri Oct 25th

1-4pm Goslings Rum
4-6pm Uncle Jumbo's Vodka (Erie County)
4-7pm A surprise selection of wine.

Sat Oct 26th

1-4pm Makers Mark & Jim Beam Peach
3-6pm Bully Hill
4-7pm Bumbu Rum, Luc Belaire Sparkling Rose, McQueen Gin

Sun Oct 27th

12-3pm Chocovine Original Chocolate Wine