MayTasting Calendar

Stop on by The Wine and Liquor Outlet to sample various wines and liquors, and perhaps buy a bottle too!

Thursday, May 3rd

4-7pm Sauza Gold and Silver; Sauza Hornitos Anejo and Reposado Tequila

Friday, May 4th

4-7pm Basil Haydens and Bookers Bourbon, Knob Creek Rye 100*, Maker's Mark Mint Julepi
4-7pm Glenora (Lake Series Riesling, Brut Champagne, Audacious Apple) and Knapp (Cabernet Franc, Vignoles, Concord) Wine

Saturday, May 5th

1-4pm Freedom Wine Winery (Niagara County)
1-4pm Dark Horse Wine

Friday, May 11th

4-7pm Absolut Vodka flavors
4-7pm KerryGold Irish Cream
4-7pm A surprise selection of wine
4-7pm Brotherhood Winery

Saturday, May 12th

1-4pm Wente wine
1-4pm Bailey's Almande Liqueur
4-7pm KerryGold Irish Cream

Friday, May 18th

4-7pm Apothic Wine

Saturday, May 19th

1-4pm A surprise selection of spirits.
4-7pm A surprise selection of wine.

Thursday, May 24th

4-7pm Singleton Glendullan 12yr Scotch Whisky

Friday, May 25th

5-7pm Midnight Run Winery (Niagara County)
5-8pm Double Cross Vodka