September Tasting Calendar

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November 20th

4-7pm Peace on Earth Chardonnay and Riesling

November 21st

3-6pm A surprise selection of wine.
4-7pm Glenora and Knapp wineries (NY State)

November 15th

1-4pm A surprise selection of wine.
4-7pm Francis Coppola Diamond Series wine
4-7pm Kerry Gold Irish Cream

November 2nd

4-7pm Skinny Girl Ready To Drink Cosmo Cranberry, Margarita Grapefruit, and Margarita Original

November 3rd

1-4pm A surprise selection of wine.
1-4pm Pinnacle Whipped, Grape, and Citrus Vodka
4-7pm Imagery and Chloe wines
4-7pm Bully Hill(NY State)

November 9th

4-7pm Honeymoon Trail (Niagara County)
4-7pm Kerry Gold Irish Cream

November 10th

1-4pm Tommy Rotter(Erie County)
1-4pm Meiomi, Kim Crawford, and 7 Moons wine
3-6pm Double Cross Vodka
4-7pm Knob Creek 100* and 120* Bourbons; Rye100

November 16th

1-4pm Wild Turkey Honey and 101*
1-4pm Thousand Islands Winery (NY State)
4-7pm Brotherhood Winery (NY State)
4-7pm Jim Beam Apple, Fire, and Vanilla

November 17th

1-4pm Skyy Blood Orange, Pear, and 80* Vodka
1-4pm Freedom Run Winery (Niagara County)
4-7pm Ruffino wines
4-7pm Crown Royal Apple, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel

November 30th

1-4pm Peace on Earth Chardonnay & Riesling
4-7pm Keuka Spring Vineyards (NY State)
4-7pm Black Button Distillery (NY State)

November 24th

1-4pm Niagara Landing (Niagara County)
1-4pm Aviation Gin
4-7pm Canadian Club Reserve 9yr, Classic 12yr, and Apple